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      Customer Reivews

      Based on 536 reviews

      Thank you so much for the samples. I am still using the lotion and I just finished the cleanser. I the toner the best and the body lotion. I will get on your site and order soon. Thanks again for the wonderful sample.

      AHA-The Fountain of Youth?

      Back when Oprah introduced Dr.Oz to her show, Dr.Oz in one of his shows talked about Alpha Hydroxy Acid and said if you were using a moisturizing cream without AHA, "You are waisting your money". It was then that I found and started using AHA 10% from Nonie's. I am a 71 year old man now and I have been moisturizing my face since I was 36 years old. People are amazed at how youthful I appear to be. They don't believe me when I tell them my age. I use it on evenings that I shaved earlier in the day and on days where I don't shave, I put in on in the morning and keep it on all day. i tell everyone that's interested about where to get AHA! 10%..."From Nonie of Beverly Hills"
      I will use this product for the rest of my life. You can't go wrong with success.Thank You Nonie!!.

      #1 in my retinue

      I have been using this for over 40 years. Once you try it you will understand!

      I’m in my seventies

      Have been using your products for years. When someone finds out my age they will say to me, “ but your skin”, and some women have even asked if they can touch my face. By the way I do not wear makeup. Love,Love your products!

      Good product

      Good products! Feel great on my skin and have pleasant scent as well.

      AHA! Basic Cleanser Kit
      Miroslava Pusova
      AHI Kit

      When I first tried out the cleanser in combination with the tonic, I had had an issue with breakouts for about 4-5 months. After just a week of usage in addition with one beta hydroxy product, my enjoying breakouts stopped. I read about AHA and Beta hydroxy acids and decided to try out the products and to my amazement, they worked. Now I added the AHA moisturizer to my routine to moisturize my skin as well, My pores also look more closed than before. I look forward to continuing great result from using AHA products.

      AHA Sample Kit!!!

      I must say that I am really enjoying this sample kit!! My face feels so fresh & soft and ready for the day!!!!

      HIS! Shave Pack - Deluxe
      Shirlee Deneweth
      Great product

      My husband has been using HIS for over 10 years and won't use anything else.

      I like it!

      I liked this product!

      Love it!

      My skin has never looked so soft. My husband loves to stroke my cheek now.


      Smells like lemon and I love it!!

      Recent AHA Collection Purchase

      I was first introduced to AHA products in a sample given out at my local Natural Grocers several years ago. From initial use, the difference it made in my skin was incredible! I purchased several of your sample kits and gave them as gifts last year. This was the first time I purchased anything for myself. I value the high quality & effectiveness of each product. I live clean & organically so this line fits well into my lifestyle. I am pleased to have found your products and grateful that you partnered with NG in handing them out as samples. It was insightful marketing! Thank you. 😊

      Very good

      I noticed my skin looked and felt better.

      AHA! Basic Cleanser Kit
      Juliet Wittman
      AHA! Basic Cleanser Kit Feels Like a Dream

      These products slide on beautifully and smell sweet and clean, and my skin feels bright and refreshed afterwards.

      AHA skin cleanser is the best ever !

      This awesome cleanser works for all age groups . I recommend it for everyone (men included). Gets your skin deep clean, not dry , and gets rid of dead cells , so your skin is fresh and healthy. If you don’t try this product , you are missing the boat ! This is me at 62yrs old !

      My skin’s favorite thing!

      I have used this moisturizer for eight years now. Every now and again someone has said, “oh you have to try ______ and they give me some and I I will try it, but I always end up saying thank you but my skin loves Nonie best!!

      I have dry skin and I’m in my fifties now and this always hydrates and tones and brightens my face. I use it on the backs of my hands in the winter months too and it keeps my skin from getting chapped or flaky.

      AHA! 10% Moisturizer 1.75 oz

      Great Products

      Love your products & have used them for years!


      Every year my son requests AHA products for birthday and or Christmas. It's a given! He absolutely raves about the skin line products! He is definitely a spokesperson!


      love love love the samples

      I am still giving it time it’s is as of now good

      Love this gem

      Have used this product for well over 8 years .. never disappoints and the price is so reasonable !!! The scent of their products is so wonderful as well 💟

      AHA! Sample Kit - Skin Cleanser, Tonic, Moisturizer, & Body Lotion

      Absolutely loved all of the samples I received

      The natural AHA products are amazing! They made my skin feel amazing and I will definitely be purchasing 😁

      Sensitive eyes.

      Love Brilliant because I can use it around my eyes without irritation.