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      Customer Reivews

      Based on 471 reviews

      I just loved it and it's very good for my skin I think I will come for another one. Thanks again

      It Works!

      I have been using NONIE products for many years. I'm 89 and receive many compliments on the health of my skin. AHA! Brilliant Moisturizer is perfect for my aging skin needs.

      AHA! 10%

      I love the 10% moisturizer! I can’t live without it.

      AHA, The Best!

      AHA is just a super product, always provides my skin with outstanding results. I have use AHA for many years and would recommend all the products. The people are just wonderful and a joy to interface with.

      AHA! Basic Cleanser Kit

      AHA Is The Best!!

      AHA never disappoints since their products are amazing. I have been using AHA since the late1980's and the products really work.

      The lotion is so soft on my skin the wash is very active. I love the bag it came in.

      Best face moisturizer in the entire world hands down no question!!!

      Been using the brilliant moisturizer for over 20 years-thank you Nonie!!! Don’t ever change! Have also turned at least a dozen ladies to switch from their “go to”


      The Moisturizing lotion smells wonderful, leaving my skin feeling so soft and smooth.


      I'm 45 with psoriasis I also have an immune disorder it gives me painful rashes most face creams bother my skin but this was amazing and help you heal faster actually

      Very pleased with the product!!!0

      I have been using these facial products for over 30 years!!! The only natural facial moisturizer I can use on my skin. Very happy with these natural skin care products.

      My favorite!


      As I’ve enjoyed using Noni’s Cleansing Cream for many years, my skin continues to respond, feeling silky and has a radiant glow! Using Noni Cleansing Cream first thing in the morning, wakes my skin gently setting a tone for the day due to its creamy consistency which I love. My advice to women of all ages and all skin types is to try this product once and you will be convinced that you have found a truly wonderful product for your face.


      I really like this product and it makes my skin feel really nice.

      I have used this product for years and I always loved it.

      AHA! Brilliant Moisturizer 3.5 oz - For Normal/Combination Skin

      AHA products

      I LOVE the face cleanser and toner. Also, I use the protein moisturizer for my drier skin. I've been using Nonie products since the late '90s. Love them.

      AHA! Brilliant Moisturizer 3.5 oz - For Normal/Combination Skin

      AHA! Basic Cleanser Kit

      Smells pleasantly

      I received the sample kit to try and I must say, I was amazed that no water was needed. The smells are all pleasant. The size of the sample kit just weren't enough to really tell what this product line potentially could do. Would love to give it another try.


      I have been looking for natural healthy face products and products that don’t use plastic bottles and this hits both. The products for real made a difference for my skin. It has softened and helps create one texture across my face and taken away my dry skin without making my skin feel oily at all either. The products make your skin feel like the healthy version your skin should be at whatever age you are. Truly recommend and will be using these products for life I think. Thank you!

      AHA! Basic Cleanser Kit
      Helene Bisnaire
      Love the products! But the lids could be more refined.

      I have been using these products for over 20 years now and I love them!!! My only suggestion is that the toner should have a different dispenser. The pump style that is on this batch makes it quirt out but not in a controlled way… maybe a spray style? I think the last dispenser lids were better. I love the ability to be able to close it so I can take it to travel. The pump style makes it a little more difficult.
      Thank you for your amazing products!!


      Lovely product. Will definitely purchase again. My skin loves this

      AHA! Basic Cleanser Kit
      Evelyn Fischrup

      AHA! Basic Cleanser Kit

      Love AHA

      Have used all the products for over thirty years!