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      Customer Reivews

      Based on 401 reviews
      Creamy textures, pretty scents, nice skin

      I liked the sample kit and enjoyed trying the products. The skin cleanser is creamy and spreads evenly to clean well. The tonic made my pores vanish! The lush moisturizer has a gentle citrus scent, as does the body lotion. Both the Brilliance face moisturizer and the body lotion were thick and spread evenly. No oily residue, just a nice clean shiny face and upper body. It feels like high quality product, and I liked using it. Thanks!

      New user

      I just got my same kit and started it yesterday. I will be ordering from the. 🙂

      Products are good! Thank you!

      I like your products. Thank you

      I like your products,

      Tried. Tested. Truly amazing products!

      I came across an ad on Facebook and I spent the time to really read about the company and I was completely intrigued despite the fact that I'm disabled and on a limited income so knowing I probably couldn't afford the products I went ahead and tried the sample pack and paid for the shipping which was very low price. The first day when I received the package I opened it right away I went and I used the cleanser the toner the lotions and to my surprise by day three my skin was glowing and had never felt so soft and dewy and clean and fresh! I literally can't put into words how amazing my skin cells feel! I am officially out of the samples and wishing and praying for a way to afford more of these amazing products!
      5 🌟⭐ 🌟⭐ 🌟 !!!!!
      highly highly recommended!

      AHA! Sample Kit - Skin Cleanser, Tonic, Moisturizer, & Body Lotion

      Natural and Nourishing

      First-time user of NBH. Had the CTM set for about a month now and my skin looks comparably brighter and clearer. Simply-crafted and easy-to-use AHA products. May repurchase in the future as a gift for mom or the other women in my life.

      So good

      Smells wonderful and works great .

      Loved it.

      I loved everything and would like information on becoming an affiliate.

      AHA! Sample Kit - Skin Cleanser, Tonic, Moisturizer, & Body Lotion


      It was just a sample.. I love the protein moisturizer. Great products in all.

      Just order the samples

      Hi I was just wondering if the face products are reoccurring every month.
      Thank you

      P.S Can't wait to try them

      Hi, Debra! AHA! Sample Kit is not available for monthly subscriptions. Only full size products are eligible for subscription. Thanks for asking!

      Excellent & Effective Skincare Routine

      Just got introduced to Nonie and Im blown away by the entire line! I highly recommend Nonie’s CTM routine. Cleanse, Tone, & Moisturize with the moisturizer tailored to your skin type! Finally found something that works and smells amazing!!...Definitely going to try the other products too

      Overall great product.

      Love the smell, feels really clean. Wasn’t sure about the instructions and leaving it on my skin or wiping it off…

      Changing my face one day at a time

      Soo I bought this cream cleanser and the moisturizer on the original web page back in July.. I use this 2 times a day at nite and in the morning then I put in the cream after every use .. I had really bad hyperpigmentation so bad every new pimple left a black spot .. I tried a lot of stuff too organic non u name it I’ve tried it ... on top of my acne I had a really dry face so dry I would peel so makeup looked horrible on me cuz i could see the flakes .. anyway with this product i have stopped breaking out .. and my dark spots are fading to where I can go out in public with no makeup on.. before when I would go out people would stop to give me the ugly look like wtf that’s what i saw on everyone’s face .. i don’t get that anymore.. not as much anyway.. the cream cleanser with the tonic make the faces feel fresh but with cream dose burn if u have ance it burns and itches bad when that happens I put Vaseline on the spot and the itch goes away.. it lasts a long time too I still have and it’s been 2 mos.. I do have to re-order the tonic though.. with the cleanser I wash my face first to remove as much makeup then when I feel my face is clean I use the cleanser works best if u don’t wash it off ... the pic difference is 3 weeks... slowly but sourly.. that’s my worst side rite now


      My skin feels so soft, soaks in very easy . I love using this every day. Awesome moisturizer.

      AHA! Natural Eye Cream .5 oz - For All Skin Types

      AHA! Basic Cleanser Kit
      Melissa Briggs
      The only thing I will put on my face!

      Loved the cleanser, tried the tonic and loved it. I won't ever use anything else.

      AHA! Sample Kit - AHA! Skin Cleanser, Body Lotion, Tonic, & Moisturizer

      Best lotion ever!!

      I love and recommend this lotion. I use it on my face. It readily soaks into my skin. It is not thick and greasy and does not clog my pores. Instead it soaks in easily and feels healing to my skin. I’m a senior and someone asked me this week if I had had work done . I credit this lotion!!! Thank you Nonie of Beverley Hills.

      Nice product

      I love all your products including the body lotion. It helps with my dermatitis.

      AHA! Body Lotion 7.0 oz - for All Skin Types

      Reassuring to use an effective, safe product for skin dryness!

      AHA! CTM Collection
      Sharyl Hardiman
      Thanks for great service

      Have used your AHA products for 19 years and so glad I can still get them - my face just doesn't tolerate anything else

      AHA! CTM Collection
      Nicole Williams
      Over six years now

      I love my protein formula moisturizer and the cleanser and toner are so kind to my dry skin I just never have found anything since that I like better.