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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Is it safe to use the products in sensitive areas?
      Absolutely. All our products can be applied to sensitive areas, including around the eyes and your neck area.

      Can I use the ‘Body Lotion’ on my face area as well?
      Yes. In fact, some use ‘Body Lotion’ as a lighter alternative to our moisturizers.

      When applying the product, do I have to use cotton pads?
      No, however we strongly recommend that you use cotton pads when applying Skin Cleanser and Skin Tonic.

      What is AHA?
      Alpha Hydroxy Acids. The theory of AHA is simple.  The family of AHAs - derived from fruit, lactic acid and sugar cane - work by loosening the intercellular 'glue' that holds dull, dead cells to the skin's surface. The AHAs stimulate protein utilization by the living epidermal cells, promoting faster renewal of the epidermis.

      Nonie of Beverly Hills strictly uses 100% NATURAL AHA's that are never processed using heat, chemicals or pressure. The AHA's we use do not come from lactic acid, therefore making our products vegan friendly.

      How will this help my skin?
      Some of the reported skin care benefits from using products containing AHAs include a visible reduction in facial lines, a softer smoother feeling skin and a healthier, more even looking complexion.

      What do AHA's do?
      These AHAs are gently exfoliating. This action results in an increase in new cell turnover which translates to a smoother, fresher, younger looking skin.  By shedding these cells, a new and hopefully more youthful skin is exposed underneath.  The complexion takes on a glowing, polished finish. With continued use, even fine lines and age spots will be visibly diminished.

      Are AHA's safe?
      Used in 5% concentrations in a cosmetic cream they give a safe, slow but continuous and effective action. Nonie of Beverly Hills also offers a 10% concentration for skin experienced with AHA's.

      I noticed that my product slightly discolored over time; does that mean it has expired?

      Since all our ingredients are 100% natural and because we never use any chemicals or preservatives, slight discoloration may occur from time to time. It's most common in our New Condition – because it contains tea tree oil - and in our Protein Moisturizer – because it contains organic, non-GMO soy milk.  Rest assured, your product will still be as effective.