All references on this page are taken directly from the hundreds of unsolicited testimonials that have been received.

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I have been using the AHA line for almost three years now and I just can’t use anything else.  Nothing makes my skin as soft, clear, and bright as my Nonie products used daily.  It makes me feel really good to know that the products I put on my face are pure and contain no harmful chemicals or fragrance.  Truly it like sunshine in a bottle and I always feel so refreshed after using it.  I should mention that I’m 47, so the results are even more appreciated these days!!   :-)

Nicole W.

I love the way the products smell, the packaging, and most of all the way they work.  I am looking forward to giving these [AHA! Samples] as stocking stuffers to my daughter and daughter-in-law. It is just the right amount for sampling.

Vicki L.

Have used it [Protein Moisturizer] since 2005. Wonderful product. Would not be without it.

Marsha H.

I am very pleased with this product [Protein Moisturizer]!  I have been using it for about 2 or 3 years!! :)

Annette C.

I’ve been using Nonie products for over 15 years and I think they are very effective and I’m very pleased with how they make my skin look and feel.  I’ve tried other sunscreens and moisturizers but I always come back to Nonie.  This [8 SPF] easily blends and does not leave your face white even though it is an effective sunblock.  And on those rare occasions you get a blemish, Nonie products really speed up the process of healing.

Shari M.

I’ve been using this product [Protein Moisturizer] since my 40’s and I have not found anything that is as good and as gentle for my sensitive skin.  As I age my skin just gets more sensitive and this moisturizer is great for my face and neck.  All of Nonie products are great for sensitive skin.  I use their body moisturizer too and it cured me of the chicken skin (you know – those annoying bumps you get on your arms) which I think is caused by bad skin care products.  I wish Nonie made a shower gel/cleanser I would buy it.

Shari M.

I have been using Nonie skin care products for about 20 years and am so thankful for their quality and wonderful ingredients.  I just had my 60th birthday and look younger than most of my friends.  I know I can thank genetics for that, but I also attest to the belief that the use of Nonie facial cleanser, Protein Moisturizer, Nonie sunscreen and, most importantly, AHA 10% Moisturizer have much to do with it, too.  I will stick with my Nonie products because they keep my face looking good.  Now if they could only come up with a neck tuck in a bottle, I would look even younger!!

Judi M.

I love all Nonie Products. Never disappointed and the shipping time is quite fast. No complaints here.

Tyra G.

These [AHA Sample Packs] make great gifts and are a perfect size for traveling.

Judi M.

I love all Nonie Products. Never disappointed and the shipping time is quite fast. No complaints here.I have used the Cleanser and [Protein] moisturizer for many years and LOVE it!

Lin S.

Excellent product [Protein Moisturizer] and excellent service!

Teresa R.

I have used HIS products for years now and am completely satisfied. I always look forward to specials offered by Nonie’s such as free shipping or discounts that they offer. I highly recommend the Brilliant moisturizer for men.

Mark from Las Vegas, NV

I will soon be turning 63 and I started using this product [10% AHA! Moisturizer] when I turned 40, so 23 years ago. I love it. The best part is people are amazed when I tell them my age and that I am two years away from Medicare. They all swear I look like I’m in my 40s or 50s. I will be a customer of this product for life.

Diane from Tucson, AZ

I’ve been a long time user of Nonie’s Brilliant Moisturizer. I love this product and how pure it is. In this world where there are so many unnecessary additives and chemicals, Nonie has protected the integrity their products.

Thank you for continuing to produce such a fine product for skin care.

Kind Regards,

Iris T.

I am obsessed with this [New Condition] moisturizer.  I’ve been using it year after year.  It’s the only moisturizer I want to put on my skin, I repurchase it again and again.  The purchasing/ordering process was easy and it arrived quickly.  Thank you so much Nonie of Beverly Hills for this amazing product!

C. F.

Seriously, I’ve used your AHA products for years. The travel size is a great idea. And being small and in plastic is perfect for travel. Small enough to get through TSA, and plastic to avoid breakage.
Only thing to make it better would be possibly giving a couple of options for what is included.

Martha R.

I have been using Nonie Cleanser, Skin Tonic and Protein moisture for years.  I tried other cleansers but nothing compares to my Nonie.

Donna M.

I love the Cleanser.  I have VERY sensitive skin and Nonie products [Cleanser and Brilliant] have come to my rescue.  Using [Skin Tonic] for the first time and love it. My pours are visibly smaller and my skin has a glow. Thanks Nonie!!!

Tyra G.

I have been using the same AHA Products for over 20+ years. I love it. My skin is soft, smooth and I swear by it. Thank You for a great product.

Brenda L.

I have used Nonie of Beverly Hills products for cleansing and moisturizing for almost 20 years.  At times I have tried other products, but always came back to Nonie.  After many years, I graduated from my wonderful Brilliant Moisturizer to the Protein Moisturizer for mature skin and have now incorporated the 10% Moisturizer.  People have commented on my smooth skin, saying that I look younger than my 65 years.

Joanne Q.

I have loved Nonie for years and am so happy to have found it again.  I’m 64 and am appreciating your Protein Moisturizer so very much.   It feels nourishing, hydrating as well as repairing.  I like the variety of the samples and think that the lotion has already started to fade some age spots on my hands!  Wow.  Thank you for your wonderful products.

Patti E.

I have VERY sensitive skin and get hives on my face from most products. Nonie’s AHA! line is perfect for my skin. I love the way it feels while being applied and the how my skin feels afterwards. I am a die hard fan.

Love this moisturizer [Brilliant]. I have very sensitive skin. Most products give me hives. But not Nonie of BH. Plus my skin never felt better.

Just purchased this [8 SPF] for the first time. I like the way it applied and I can tell there are sun blocking ingredients while still giving my skin the benefits of AHA.

Tyra G.

I have been using your AHA  Protein Moisturizer for over 10 years.  I get compliments on my appearance quite often. I’m 74 years old people but people think I’m at least 10 years younger.  I believe using AHA Protein Moisturizer is the primary reason for my skin looking youthful. Thank you so much for AHA.

Sandra W.

Forget Clinique or even 100% Pure…this [Protein Moisturizer] is the BEST moisturizer ever made!  Best ingredients, Best results…a win/win for my skin!  Thanks Nonie!

I was buying an expensive 100% organic fruit-based brand of Body lotion that just wasn’t giving me the results I wanted. I don’t like that greasy/sticky feeling with any moisturizer. This [Body Lotion] goes on clean, smells divine and takes away the dryness. Good stuff with Good ingredients.

Burbank Kate

Received my Nonie skincare in a timely manner with no breakages.  It was packaged very well.

Like my face cream [Protein Moisturizer] because there is no fake smell to it, it smells very slightly of the lemon grass which is very pleasant.

Nonie body cream [Body Lotion] is very light, not heavy and leaves the skin smooth and moisturized..  Very slight fragrance of lemon verbena or lemon grass I can’t remember which one is in there but very pleasant.

Rosemary W.

Not sure what else I can say but superior products, to that of mass production, mass merchandisers.

All natural ingredients, not caustic or irritating in the least. In fact, it almost feels as though I’m putting water on my face. However, I use this product as an aftershave (close, double-edge shaves) and there is a big difference with this Nonie tonic. Tonic helps get rid of irritation, moisturizes skin.

Just great product …


I’ve only been using this [Skin Tonic] for 1 week and have already noticed a difference in my 63 year old skin. It’s smoother, softer, the lines are less noticeable and I do believe my pores are too.  Wonderful product.


I’ve been using the Skin Cleanser for over 10 years now and would not dream of using anything else. It’s gentle and my skin is squeaky clean after use.  I love the Brilliant Moisturizer and so does my skin.  It’s non-greasy and is absorbed very quickly leaving my skin soft and radiant.

Iris V.

I’ve been using your product for many years!  Love it!  I’m 75 and get compliments on my skin all of the time.

Judith S.

I am 84 yrs old and have used AHA Brilliant Moisturizer for over 20 years.  I frequently receive comments on the health and smooth condition of my skin.  Now my daughter is using it, too!

Jan S.

I’ve been using your product for many years!  Love it!  I’m 75 and get compliments on my skin all of the time.

Judith S.

I am a Maryland licensed Aesthetician and am absolutely thrilled with the samples [Skin Cleanser, Skin Tonic, Body Lotion and Protein Moisturizer] I purchased.

Lisa M.

I’ve tried a lot of vegan, more natural SPF15 lotions to wear daily on my face, neck and chest.  Some are too greasy and some are too matte.  This one is perfect!  I love all of the AHA Nonie products and they are very affordable compared to other similar (yet chemical filled) brands.  Thank you!

Jennifer D.

This [the AHA Samples] is such a fun and affordable way to try the AHA line.  You get a small travel size of the cleanser, toner/tonic, body lotion, and the AHA face lotion for your skin type. I got hooked on the Tonic this way!

Jennifer D.

I purchased the 10% AHA product at my local coop.  The best decision. It worked beyond my expectation & was not irritating. I had been considering getting a pro peel, but glad I tried this first.  The product is gentle, has healthy ingredients, and I noticed reduced wrinkles and increased moisture. I am 50 yrs old.


I have been using [Protein] AHA! Moisturizer for Dry/Mature skin for about 4 years….I love it/my skin loves it!  Love that the ingredients are so pure. Thanks!

Lalita L.

I use the whole line of Nonie of Beverly Hills products, including the cleansing and toning products.  This is the first time I’ve tried the sunblock and I am happy as I knew I would be to add this moisturizer to my Nonie products.

After using my favorite Brilliant moisturizer for years, I “aged-in” to the AHA Protein moisturizer a few years ago.  I am visiting Santa Fe NM and the Protein moisturizer is all I need twice a day to prevent my skin’s feeling desiccated in the desert.

Joanne B.

I’ve used this product [10% AHA! Moisturizer] for several years and am so pleased that it keeps my skin in much better condition than others my age (64). Truly minimizes wrinkles. It goes on lightly without feeling greasy or pasty.

Geneva D.

As a user of 10% AHA lotion for the past 20+ years, I am happily dependent on this remarkable product.  My dentist asked me what I used on my skin since she wanted to try whatever I was using. I am 75 this year and a few wrinkles have appeared but my skin is still soft and smooth.  Oh, and my husband also uses it daily.

Sharon S.

I have used the Protein Moisturizer for several years. I love it so much and really see a difference in tone and clarity. The travel sizes of Cleanser, Toner and Body moisturizer are wonderful.  Love all products.

Lynne S.

I have been in love with Nonie of Beverly Hills for many years, thank you for honoring the formula because it is truly the best!

Kerri E.

I first started using Nonie Skin Moisturizer for Mature Skin when I lived in Van Nuys.  That was well over 15 years ago.

I don’t look for compliments.  Instead, they come to me because of my healthy-looking skin.  I’m told that it always looks “dewy” and “fresh” and am asked what I’m using.  I always refer them to Nonie of Beverly Hills.

I truly have not needed to use anything else and I’m 71 years old!  I can’t help but notice the skin of my friends and family who are not using Nonie’s products.  What a difference Nonie’s makes to helping one look and feel youthful!

Thank you, Nonie!!   I will continue to use your products exclusively!

Gloria J.

A long-time user of the 10% product.  Nearing 75, both my doctor and dentist have remarked positively on my skin texture.

Sharon S.

Dear Team Nonie,

I’m still one of your best fans.  Haven’t needed to order anything, because I ordered several bottles before your price increase.  Your cleanser will always be my can’t live without product.  Please don’t ever stop making it.

Warm Regards,

“I have to tell you that you have got a new customer for life.  I always had perfect skin until I had children…crazy huh, even when I was a teenager.  After children I have been battling adult acne and discoloration of my skin in certain areas.  I have tried all sorts of things and normally ended up super frustrated and my husband complaining about the amount of money I have spent on these concoctions.  I have been using your product since you sent it to me and I have to say the discoloration for the most part is gone and my skin has cleared up.  I am about at the point where I do not have to wear foundation to hide the redness.  My perfect skin that I always got compliments on is returning!!!!  I so appreciate you for sending this to me and trust me I am showing it to my friends who work in spas, etc. in my area.”

“Again thanks so much!!”

~ Anne N.

“First time on the website, even though I have been using the products for over 10 years.  The main reason I started using the products is because I could pronounce and understand each ingredient. There are no foreign “by products” whatsoever.  It’s a basic combination of all natural ingredients. I loved that!  I am 44 and most guess my age at 38.  Thank you so much for giving us a winner!”

~ Trish C.

I have been using Nonie products now for 3 years and will never go back to anything else! I discovered this product during my second pregnancy. I was looking for a natural and safe product for my acne prone skin and facial scarring, I had used everything both over the counter and prescription with limited results. I have battled severe acne since my teenage years and was so tired of acne treatments making my skin agitated, dry, and red. I get compliments all the time now on how nice my skin looks and people can’t believe I had severe acne for years. I honestly never thought I would find something so wonderful that has faded my scars and healed my acne. I use the Skin Tonic and the New Condition Moisturizer. I plan on adding the Cleanser and Sunscreen to my daily routine as well. I recommended Nonie to a friend of mine who has struggled with adult acne and she loves it just as much as I do! I think the price point of this product is great considering I have spent thousands over the years on dermatology appointments and very expensive facial “systems” that always failed me eventually. I love Nonie products! They have saved my skin!!

~ C. Palmer

“Been using your Brilliant Moisturizer for years, the best of the best.  Thank you, thank you, & thank you for providing natural alternatives that offer better results than anything on the market!!”

~ Tricia K.

As a 73 year old nutrition counselor, I’m always looking for the purest ingredients in everything – from food to skincare. I love the 10% Moisturizer and I have never found anything cleaner. Please don’t ever change the formula because it works!

~ D. Lara ~ Nashville

“Just wanted to thank Nonie of Beverly Hills for a great product! I have used the Cleanser since 1998 and have not once had any breakouts — I used to get them on my chin. And I never use water anymore to cleanse my face – the Cleanser is so easy to use – I just pack it with me in my purse! :) This year I turned 50 and my skin looks better than when I was 25! I will be posting a photo on your Facebook page, check it out! – Thank you Nonie!”

~ G. Gusky ~ Ocean City, Washington

“The 10% Moisturizer is my favorite…  it’s the only product I use on my face and I love it!”

~ Lucille C.

“I started using the AHA! Cleanser and Brilliant moisturizer 3 weeks ago and instantly noticed a huge improvement in my skin.  My skin turned into a frenzy when I got off my birth control with large pores, blemishes, and oily skin. With the suggestion from my doctor to try a “natural” product, I found AHA and have loved it from day one.  Not only do the products smell amazing, my skin is radiant, blemish free, and the softest it’s ever been.”

~ N. Grue

“Your products are wonderful in every way and your price increase will not deter my using them. Good luck!”

~ F. Strauss

“After searching for a natural moisturizer for years, I found AHA! Protein Moisturizer at a local health store and am happy to say my search is over! I’m now 65 and after using this product for years, hadn’t realized how I actually looked until the photographer at the local DMV took my photo for my drivers license renewal and asked me, “what’s your secret?” Of course I told her! That made my day and I rewarded both you and myself with a new hat… we look fabulous! Thank you.

PS: you’ll be interested to know that the nurse in my dermatologist’s office didn’t know about this product but she does now…and uses it, too.”

~ C. Breeden

“I have been using Nonie products for over 13 years and am extremely pleased with them. I use the cleanser and the face creams. The cleanser is the only thing I have ever found that will take off eye makeup. The Protein moisturizer is a facial staple I use every day. Although I am in my early fifties, people usually guess my age as younger than I am because I have very few wrinkles for my age. I am so thankful that I can purchase the Nonie products online since the store where I first discovered these wonderful items is no longer open. I cannot praise Nonie enough for their AHA products and hope the company is around for years to come. Thank you, Nonie.”

~ J. Merriam from Schenectady, NY

“I love your products, and have been using them for 10 years. I’m 52 but recently, someone guessed my age to be 34. Thanks for your great products!”

~ K. Silvia

“Your shaving cream for men is something that I bought 8 years ago in a natural foods store in Chicago. I used it, thought it was great, but never thought much of how great it was. This is the greatest men’s shaving cream ever. I will give all my male friends and family members a bottle of your shaving cream for the holidays. They knew I was on an endless hunt for the best shaving cream, considering its importance and how often most men use it. Thanks again, and please never stop making it.”

~ B. Bozarth, 35, male

“All I can say is WOW – the other day, while shopping at my favorite health food store, I was given a small Protein Moisturizer sample. I was thankful for the gift, but took it with a grain of salt. “Oh, just another sample” I thought to myself. However, after a couple of applications, I started falling in love with the beautiful creamy texture and gentle citrus aroma. My skin felt velvety an dewy. My daughter noticed and commented. Concerned with the ingredients, I immediately checked your website for the answer. You can’t imagine my excitement upon finding simple and pure ingredients…and the bonus is that I can apply it around my eyes. Oh my, I have been searching for exactly that. Thank you Nonie !!!”

~ Nilli

“I am overwhelmed with gratitude and absolutely stunned at the level of customer service and attention you have extended me !

I received the Brilliant yesterday, just as the last few drops of my previous bottle were used. Nonie’s products are of the highest quality and purity. I recommend them at every opportunity and will continue to do so. There isn’t any other product in the world (including Weleda & Hauschka) that has the freshness, light on the skin feel and amazing health (and beauty!) giving attributes. I am hoping that Whole Foods will keep up their stock and that Capital Drugs will too, including the larger size.

Again, Thank you very, very much for the personal attention which has allayed my frustration.

Remarkable !! in this age of impersonal non-interaction.”

~ Best regards, Susanne L.

“Using your tonic in the morning is like giving my face a cold drink of water. I’ve never received as many compliments for my complexion as I have received after using the AHA tonic and brilliant moisturizer. Outstanding.”

~ Rachel M

“All of Nonie’s products are great, but especially this one. Alpha-Hydroxy Acids are the only thing that worked to get rid of my acne (even after over a dozen prescription medications), and Nonie’s are BY FAR the best ones on the market … this one not only cleared my skin, but it evened out my skin tone and helped to hide the red marks and scarring left over. I’ve tried just about all the AHA products on the market, and now that I’ve been using Nonie’s. I’m never switching again!”

~ C. Fisher