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      Nonie: May at Lassens!

      Nonie: May at Lassens!

      Commitment to Whole Food Products

      In 1994, Nonie launched Nonie of Beverly Hills – an all natural plant-based line of skincare originally passed down from the kitchens of Hungary. Always made from plant based and other organic ingredients, over time, Nonie has emerged as one of the best organic skincare lines in the country.

      In 1971, Oda Lassen “saw the need for wholesome, low-processed, and additive-free foods and supplements.”  Based on this need, the first Lassens Health Food Store was launched. The Lassens team has continued to honor its commitment to whole food products ever since – just as have we.  Now get ready for the best news!

      An ‘Natural’ Partnership

      Lassens and Nonie have teamed up to create the greatest partnering ever! One that will allow YOU to purchase all your favorite wholesome products for every part of your life, all in one place. In this new collaboration, as the Lassen’s team continues its commitment to provide 100% wholesome products, they’ll be running a 20% line drive of Nonie Products at all Lassens stores during the month of May. It’s the perfect union!

      Look for us in your email offers and circulars because Nonie will also be featured an ad campaign at Lassens … just in case you forget to look for us on the shelves in the store, Lassens will send you a little reminder! We wouldn’t want you to miss this limited time offer!

      Nonie Products Available at Lassen’s Thru May!

      As Nonie continues to expand, we are more than thrilled to be a part of the Lassens family! As we strive to honor our commitment to green products and plant-based and cruelty-free skincare ingredients, we could not be more grateful to be a part of this partnership. And might we also add, Lassens – welcome to the Nonie family!  We look forward to a long and lasting union.

      In the meantime, visit Nonie of Beverly Hills now for new product information and orders. And don’t forget to visit your local Lassens all through May for all pf your whole food products and now … Nonie Skincare products too!

      Nonie of Beverly Hills is Coming to You!

      Nonie of Beverly Hills is Coming to You!

      At A Mother’s Market Near You

      You may have seen Nonie of Beverly Hills mentioned in your favorite issue of O! Magazine or in ads across social media and you just thought, “Hmm looks good, I’ll get to it later.” Maybe a friend has even suggested trying it but you just haven’t gotten around to it. The truth is if you knew how well our alpha-hydroxy rich moisturizer worked to reduce wrinkles, you wouldn’t wait another minute. And quite frankly,  if you knew that the side effect of using this all-organic, vegan and cruelty-free line of skincare would be only be one, the most important one – a glowing complexion, well you would have already been a loyal client. But lest you feel guilty, don’t despair, you are busy! We get it, your skin probably just hasn’t been a top priority. It’s totally understandable, you come after the kids, the schedule, work – your skin looks good enough. Or perhaps it’s none of those things. You’re just a creature of habit. You have been using the same moisturizer since high school, why change now?

      If we sound like we can’t possibly understand why you haven’t tried our incredibly effective line at Nonie of Beverly Hills, well it’s because once you do, you would stop at nothing to make sure that keeping stocked, was at the top of your list. But look, we understand. We all get busy and these are the things we tell ourselves to make it alright to be last on the list of priorities. So with all that in mind, I have very good news, we are coming to you. Yes we are coming to you. That’s how important it is! And it’s spring, Mother’s Day is coming up, the summer is around the corner – do you look your most flawless? You can. You absolutely can with just one decision – Nonie of Beverly Hills. And all throughout April, we are making so easy for you! Excuses?! A thing of the past… just like that moisturizer from high school.

      So, if you haven’t had a chance or even a minute in the day to click on the website and see how amazing this skincare line is – we are going to make it super simple. This month, Nonie of Beverly Hills is doing product demos in several neighborhoods all around Southern California and we bet, one of them is right near you. We are demonstrating at Mother’s Kitchen Markets all over SoCal!

      Below is the appearance schedule for April and it’s good! We are so invested in sharing this amazing vegan product, that yes, we are willing to show up at your doorstep practically. Well not literally but you know, we might if you asked us – seriously!

      Demos in April – We’ll Be in Your Neighborhood

      Mon, April 10, 4pm – 7pm
      Mother’s Market & Kitchen
      24165 Paseo De Valencia
      Laguna Woods, CA 92637

      Wed, April 12, 4pm – 7pm

      Where: Mother’s Market & Kitchen
      151 E Memory Ln.
      Santa Ana, CA 9270

      Fri, April 14, 11am – 2pm
      Where: Mother’s Market & Kitchen
      19770 Beach Blvd.
      Huntington Beach, CA 92648

      Thu, April 20, 4pm – 7pm
      Where: Mother’s Market & Kitchen
      413 S Associated Rd, Brea, CA 92821

      Tue, April 25, 4pm – 7pm
      Mother’s Market & Kitchen
      1890 Newport Blvd.
      Costa Mesa, CA 92627

      Did we make it easy enough for you ? Good – that was the plan. We believe so much that you should look like the ageless, flawless beauty that you are that we are willing to travel to you! Make your skin a priority. It will thank you!

      For any information about the AHA! or HIS! line of skincare at Nonie of Beverly Hills or any or our upcoming events, call us at (323) 467-1300 or visit the website at Nonie of Beverly Hills.

      Is Your Skin Glowing? Spring Sale at Nonie!

      Is Your Skin Glowing? Spring Sale at Nonie!

      Beautiful Skin

      Spring is a time when we appreciate all the beauty that nature has to offer. It's a time of renewal, a clearing out of the old to make room for the new, and nature’s little wake-up call to all of us after a long winter. When hopefully, if there is room for improvement in our lives, we get all get a collective do-over. If perhaps we aren’t looking and feeling our best for instance after the cold season, it’s during the spring when we feel motivated to make a change, get in shape, and finally feel better. Is it also a time for change in your daily beauty routine?

      Healthy Skin at Any Age

      Healthy skin is an integral part of feeling and looking your absolute best. Taking care of “you” means glowing from the inside out. So, at a time when we take sales inventory and offer huge discounts as we will be doing all through March (read more for the savings), do your own sort of personal intake now. Are you doing all you can to look and feel your absolute best? If not or if you aren’t sure of the answer, then ask yourself. Are you doing everything you know to keep your skin looking and feeling its best? Does your skin glow because it’s so healthy? It should. And age is simply a number - it’s about real health from the inside out. Whether you are a recent college graduate or a parent of a college graduate, your skin deserves to feel and look its very best.

      AHA! Healthy, Ageless Skin is Possible

      Let’s face it - if you look good, you feel good. If your skin doesn’t look its best, then ask these three questions. 1.) Am I using only all natural, cruelty free ingredients on my delicate skin? 2.) Am I making healthy skin a priority? 3.) Am I seeing brilliant results from my daily skincare routine?

      If the answer to any of these questions is “no” then you aren’t putting yourself or your precious skin, first. But... It’s spring and guess what? You get a do-over. The good news is at Nonie of Beverly Hills, all of our products are cruelty free and all natural! The best news is, because it’s spring, we are having a HUGE sale all through the month of March.

      It’s our spring into AHA! savings sale where you get 15% off all orders!  Happy Spring - we told you it was good news!

      Here's to getting a spring do-over so you too can have a beautiful and healthy Nonie glow!

      Contact us today to try any of our Nonie of Beverly Hills products! *Use Coupon Code:  Spring15 at check out!
      *This offer is valid through Monday, March 27, 2017