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      Father’s Day Super Sale: 15% Off Now!

      Father’s Day Super Sale: 15% Off Now!

      Love Fathers Sale

      It’s time for yet another Nonie of Beverly Hills super sale and this time we are honoring all the dads out there! Who is that special man in your life? How can you make this year special to show him just how much he is valued? Treat him with the HIS! line from Nonie. He might love an incredible travel kit for business trips. Shop now for the HIS! Travel Kit – perfect for any short trip and jam-packed with all the skincare products he needs. Or spoil him with the gift bag deluxe! And you can even make a custom gift box which includes shave cream, shave tonic and a custom moisturizer for his specific skin type. Of course Dad always appreciates the standard Father’s Day gifts –  the silk tie, the chess set, the weed cutter – he’ll expect these. But don’t forget, he likes to be spoiled too! If the men in your life are extra special and you want to make this year count – let them know!

      Big Savings on Father’s Day!

      If you are ready to spoil the most incredible man or men you know, we have good news. Nonie of Beverly Hills is not just having a small sale for Father’s Day. This is a huge blowout extravaganza! You get a 15% off discount on all orders with no minimum, plus free shipping on U.S. orders of $40 or more (after the discount).  And you will be happy to know that the offer is valid through Monday June 19th! That’s right! So look, take advantage – we want you to! It’s the perfect time not only to shop for that special father in your life, but also, stock up on all your own Nonie of Beverly Hills essentials. Listen we all need an excuse to spend a little extra on ourselves too. So don’t forget to use coupon code Dad15% at checkout to get super savings for Father’s Day – now through June 19th!  Sensitive skin, SPF moisturizer, all natural ingredients, we have it all for any of your skincare needs. It’s the best kept secret in Beverly Hills! Oh and did you know all our products are cruelty-free?

      Call now! Shop for you and him at 323-467-1300. And mention the 15% Father’s Day Sale or shop online now at Nonie of Beverly Hills!

      New Condition Moisturizer: The Summer Essential

      New Condition Moisturizer: The Summer Essential

      New Condition Moisturizer – Your Summer Must-Have

      Did you know our New Condition Moisturizer — in addition to being excellent for acne and troubled skin — is also effective for rashes? You may have known that — we’ve been around a long time — but did you also know that it works as  a natural bug repellent? That’s right!

      So it’s not only the must-have moisturizer for summer, but the best natural choice for bug bites and nasty rashes. Just in time for barbecue and beach season –  it’s the perfect essential product for the whole family. Pack it in your kids travel bag for camp or lather it on daily for your routine hikes at the beach. And of course, Father’s Day is just around the corner. Add it to the His! Gift Box to surprise the best dad in your life. He’ll surely be happy with that! The only drawback – it’s only available at Nonie of Beverly Hills.

      The Secret of Tea Tree

      Through the years we’ve heard so many mothers say they know they need to protect their kids from bug bites, but they question if spraying all those chemicals on their little ones, is the smartest choice. Well, now we have made the decision much easier. Talk about getting the most for your money! What’s the secret? The natural ingredients of tea tree, eucalyptus, peppermint, grapefruit seed extracts and other natural ingredients means that New Condition Moisturizer is not only a natural antiseptic, but it also has soothing anti-bacterial properties. And the bugs, well they don’t love the scent…

      In fact, our own Marla Douglas of Team Nonie experienced this first-hand and was so excited to report back on the wonders of New Condition. Marla had been attending her family reunion and the excitement of seeing everyone at the lake cabin, quickly deteriorated when after being bitten by bugs repeatedly. Remembering that New Condition had antiseptic properties, she thought it may be a wonderful soothing salve. But it turned out that the bugs also stayed away. It was an all natural repellent. It worked so well, that she ended up recommending it and using the New Condition on herself and family members aged 2 to 86 for the rest of the event. It provided immediate relief from itchiness, plus the spa-like scent stopped the pesky bugs from biting!

      Moisture, Salve, Bug Spray…

      New Condition Moisturizer is one of  our most popular products at Nonie of Beverly Hills. Try it today and see if you don’t agree that it is the best moisturizer from troubled skin and a wonderful, all natural big repellent. Shop now and then tell us what you think.

      Summer Skin: Show Off Your Glow!

      Summer Skin: Show Off Your Glow!

      Summer is almost here, is your skin “glow” ready?

      Glowing Skin

      It’s that time of year again, the warm weather, the beach outings, the cookouts and hangouts by the bonfire, will you be hiding under a blanket or celebrating? So many memories to be made, but whether you are a mom or a senior heading off to college, there’s no hiding behind sweatshirts and scarfs now. It’s the season you get show some skin. Bare a little shoulder, go ahead and wear those daisy dukes, wear your strapless bandeau with your hair in a top bun. If this is exciting – we are excited for you. The good news is, you are almost ready but you can look even better! Add our Cleanser, Tonic, and 15 SPF Moisturizer to your daily routine. Show off that bronze tint with a little extra glow!

      Get Your Skin Summer-Ready

      If the thought of showing a little more skin makes you nervous, if you know it’s not glow-ready – well I have good news for you too. We can help! Summer is still a few weeks away. And it’s never too late to start taking charge of your skincare routine. The best part, Nonie of Beverly Hills has years of lab science already done for you. All of the products are there to make it so easy for you to step into your best self. No more shaving bumps, dry patches, redness, or annoying fine lines – AHA! will help you with all of it. You may not be exactly perfect, but that’s what makes you amazing. You get to be perfectly YOU. So go ahead, show off that glow. If it’s hidden, we promise it’s not gone. We’ll help you find it again. Whether you are headed to school or about to become an empty-nester, the gorgeousness that’s uniquely you, is just waiting to be seen. And we have a line for HIM too – HIS!

      Summer Give-Aways by Nonie…

      Oh and a little treat, Nonie will be running some amazing giveaways this summer – stay tuned. So, what are you waiting for? Get your skin glow ready! Start with an AHA! Cleanser, Tonic and 15 SPF moisturizer, oh and add a Body Lotion for your whole body. It’s your time to show off! So go ahead, wear that halter-top, buy that romper, you deserve to show a little skin. AHA! will help you look great doing it! Contact Nonie of Beverly Hills today and get your glow on!

      Celebrate Earth Day Every Day!

      Celebrate Earth Day Every Day!

      Earth Day

      Today is Earth Day! How exciting is that? It’s 90 degrees here in Los Angeles and it couldn’t be a more blissful day to celebrate all the green and lush nature trails and beaches that we get to enjoy daily. All over the world people are celebrating #EarthDay. At festivals and concerts in every corner of the globe – hopefully you have gotten a chance to enjoy some of the festivities. Truly if we look at the history of this event, it’s exciting to see how much this movement has grown in just the last ten years alone. But what is it about really, at it’s heart? The fun and music are great but was impetus for this day that has grown into a worldwide movement? Well after doing a little research, it seems that Earth Day had its inception in 1970 when then U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson from Wisconsin, saw a dire need for change. After witnessing the ravages of the 1969 massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, California, he decided that he needed to rally the people. According to The History of Earth Day:

      On April 22,1970, 20 million Americans took to the streets, parks, and auditoriums to demonstrate for a healthy, sustainable environment in massive coast-to-coast rallies [on the first Earth Day. Earth Day 1970 achieved a rare political alignment, enlisting support from Republicans and Democrat. By the end of that year, the first Earth Day had led to the creation of the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the passage of the Clean AirClean Water, and Endangered Species Acts. ‘It was a gamble,’ Gaylord recalled, ‘but it worked.’

      Today, while admittedly we still have a long way to go in terms of environmental protection and change, that first inkling of awareness in 1970 — the notion that if we wanted to create a sustainable Earth and healthy world for our children and grandchildren, we needed to speak out — well it stretched continents.

      It’s A Good Day to Be “Green”

      Today as we look back at all the progress and celebrate how far we have come, take some time to think about what small changes you might make in creating a more “green” friendly environment. Maybe just start recycling or simply do some research into products that you buy and support those that are “green” or merchants in the neighborhood who do their part to support a greener world. Make a commitment to purchase from them – that is a small but excellent way to support Earth Day. Nonie is and has always been about all natural, green friendly ingredients. We use only plant-based oils, vegan ingredients and practice a strict commitment to remain cruelty-free. No animals have ever been harmed and never will be harmed in the making or testing of our products. We use glass bottles and we believe organic is better. That is our small but impacting contribution to the Earth. What is yours? Share it with us! Feel to tag us and comment on social media and below and let us know. What sorts of Earth friendly practices have you incorporated into your own life? And while you are at it – click on the AHA! line or maybe pick up the excellent SPF for your beach plans this summer. Give us a try. You’ll be supporting a very all natural, made from the Earth, skincare line. The Earth thanks you and so do we! It’s a small step but you’ll take comfort in knowing that you are using only chemical-free ingredients on your skin and you’ll have the added assurance that you are supporting our commitment to vegan, all-natural ingredients.

      Happy Earth Day everyone! Love the Earth and it will love you back!

      Contact us today for more information about any of our products or with questions on any information discussed in this article.

      Nonie: May at Lassens!

      Nonie: May at Lassens!

      Commitment to Whole Food Products

      In 1994, Nonie launched Nonie of Beverly Hills – an all natural plant-based line of skincare originally passed down from the kitchens of Hungary. Always made from plant based and other organic ingredients, over time, Nonie has emerged as one of the best organic skincare lines in the country.

      In 1971, Oda Lassen “saw the need for wholesome, low-processed, and additive-free foods and supplements.”  Based on this need, the first Lassens Health Food Store was launched. The Lassens team has continued to honor its commitment to whole food products ever since – just as have we.  Now get ready for the best news!

      An ‘Natural’ Partnership

      Lassens and Nonie have teamed up to create the greatest partnering ever! One that will allow YOU to purchase all your favorite wholesome products for every part of your life, all in one place. In this new collaboration, as the Lassen’s team continues its commitment to provide 100% wholesome products, they’ll be running a 20% line drive of Nonie Products at all Lassens stores during the month of May. It’s the perfect union!

      Look for us in your email offers and circulars because Nonie will also be featured an ad campaign at Lassens … just in case you forget to look for us on the shelves in the store, Lassens will send you a little reminder! We wouldn’t want you to miss this limited time offer!

      Nonie Products Available at Lassen’s Thru May!

      As Nonie continues to expand, we are more than thrilled to be a part of the Lassens family! As we strive to honor our commitment to green products and plant-based and cruelty-free skincare ingredients, we could not be more grateful to be a part of this partnership. And might we also add, Lassens – welcome to the Nonie family!  We look forward to a long and lasting union.

      In the meantime, visit Nonie of Beverly Hills now for new product information and orders. And don’t forget to visit your local Lassens all through May for all pf your whole food products and now … Nonie Skincare products too!