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      It’s So Easy To Use Nonie AHA! Products

      Check out this video of Cogey using Nonie skincare products.  So easy . . . and so beautiful!

      A note from Team Nonie — you do not need to rinse the Skin Cleanser with water.  If you do choose to rinse, please use distilled or purified water, as tap water is not good for your skin!

      Water: Skin Care Friend or Foe?

      Water: Skin Care Friend or Foe?

      Water.  We all need it.  On average, the adult human body is comprised of about 60% water.  We spend thousands and thousands of dollars on bottled water because we are concerned about the quality of water that comes out of faucets.  We do so to stay healthy on the inside and avoid the chemicals used to treat that water.

      But there’s one aspect you may be missing . . . what about your body’s exterior? Are you aware that your skin is the largest organ of your body?

      That’s right . . . your skin is an organ.  So it is important to offer your skin the same consideration and nourishment we do to the rest of our body.  You especially want to avoid using that chemically-treated water on your face, which is absorbed into your skin just like nutrients.  You may have noticed how your skin starts to tighten up after taking a shower or bath, so you end up slathering on lotions or using bath oils to compensate for the effect of the chemically-treated water.  Water, which is intended to hydrate your skin, instead dries out your skin!  So, what to do to keep the skin on your face healthy?

      Nonie of Beverly Hills AHA! All Natural Skin Care is the answer!

      Our Skin Cleanser is designed to be used without water.  Simply apply to dry skin, preferably with cotton pads or balls, using the cotton as you would a wash cloth.  It will gently cleanse your skin, removing the dirt and grime from your day.  Additionally, it is an amazing make-up remover including mascara, eyeliner and lipstick.  Just keep applying the Cleanser with cotton until the cotton appears clean.  No water – no rinsing!  Instead, you are left with smooth, moist, clean skin.

      Now, you could stop there.  But if you want an even deeper clean and additional skin nourishment, reach for our Skin Tonic.  Using the Skin Tonic is like giving your skin a drink of healthy, clean water.  It tightens your pores and refreshes the skin leaving it feeling dewy and smooth.  Additionally, it is an amazing after-shave or after-wax for men and women!  The Skin Tonic has natural built-in antimicrobials from Hamamelis Water (Witch Hazel), Castor Oil and Grapefruit Seed Extract to protect and heal those nicks and cuts you may get from shaving.  And best of all, it doesn’t burn or sting!  Men, simply pump some Skin Tonic into your hands and apply to your face and neck after shaving.  Ladies, my personal trick is, after applying the Skin Tonic to my face, I’ll add a little more to my last cotton pad and apply to my underarms and bikini area morning and night.  Doing so has greatly reduced bumps and ingrown hairs caused from shaving.

      One last tip about the Skin Tonic . . . if you’re in the habit of getting up in the morning and splashing your face with water to wake up or get the sleep out of your eyes, reach for the Skin Tonic and cotton instead!  It will hydrate and refresh your skin without drying it out – and it’s safe to use around your eyes.

      The final word — drink purified water for hydration.  Avoid tap water on your face by using Nonie AHA! products!

      Nonie of Beverly Hills – Healthy Food for the Skin

      Microbeads and Exfoliation: What You Need to Know

      Microbeads.  Were you aware that these tiny particles used in exfoliating and cleansing products are actually made from plastic?  Plastic most frequently made from polyethylene, polypropylene or polystyrene – all petrochemicals!

      As exfoliation with petrochemical-based microbeads became touted as a way to brighter, fresher skin in the 1990s, dermatologists began seeing patients with skin that was over-exfoliated from the beads – inflamed and irritated.  Tiny abrasions from the microbeads damaged the skin and even removed underlying healthy skin, actually accelerating the aging process.

      In addition to microbeads damaging the skin, these plastic petrochemicals – which do not dissolve — were rinsed down our drains and into our aquatic habitats where it can take hundreds, yes hundreds, of years for them to degrade.  Some species of marine life mistake the plastic beads for food and then consume them.  Yikes!

      The good news:

      The U.S. banned the production of microbeads from personal care and cosmetics products in July 2017, and in July 2018 is banning the sale of cosmetics containing microbeads.  Canada and the U.K.  are also joining the U.S. in banning microbeads from cosmetics and personal care items.

      The best news:

      Nonie skincare products have never contained microbeads or petrochemical products that damage your skin or our environment.  Even mechanical brushes can create micro-tears that damage your skin and accelerate the aging process!  Nonie products use AHAs, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, from extracts of Bilberry, Sugar Cane, Maple Cane, Orange and Lemon Oils – all products you can eat – to gently exfoliate your skin and remove those clogging dead cells (which we all have) that dull your complexion.  AHAs are naturally smart – they remove the dead skin cells without using those damaging scrubs, chemicals or brushes.  Rather they gently reveal your underlying, healthy, baby-like skin that is soft and glowing!

      The answer:

      Choose Nonie of Beverly Hills AHA! skincare products for gentle exfoliation and cleansing.

      Choose Nonie AHA! for a healthier environment.

      Choose Nonie AHA! – Healthy Food for the Skin.

      Dry Skin? Go All Natural!

      Dry Skin? Go All Natural!

      Dry, Cracked, Skin…

      The fall and winter weather is coming. For those on the East Coast that means electric heat and dryer, cracked skin as a result. If  you are on the West Coast, welcome to the dry dessert winds. Either way, I am sure you see the difference. At Nonie, we carry remedies for all kinds of skin including oily, combination, most certainly, dry. But I am sure you have heard many over the counter products claim that their special serum will cure your dry skin however the truth is, you are adding chemicals to your sensitive skin. That’s like cleaning a house with a cloth soaked in dirty water. It may fix the problem on the surface, but is it really clean? Also, for many vegans or those who are adamantly opposed to animal testing, chemical-laden face creams, however effective, are just not viable options.

      Natural Oils and Ingredients…

      At Nonie of Beverly Hills, not only do we NEVER test on animals, but all of our products our made with all natural ingredients, all plant based or from plant oils. Still, you ask, “Will all natural be enough to keep my skin dewy?” The answer is: it will be more effective. You skin is made up naturally of oils, so why would you put chemicals on it. This article on EveryDay Health, written by dermatologist, Christine Lopez, suggests that all natural might be the better option. Now while Dr. Lopez does not endorse our products in any way, it was certainly an expert opinion worth sharing and applicable to what we do at Nonie. Said Dr. Lopez says in some cases, chemical laden products might have the opposite effect on dry skin and cause irritation:

      Given the countless skin products that are available, a natural remedy may be worth trying, says Christine Lopez, MD, a dermatologist and vice-chair of the department of dermatology at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. Natural oils and remedies tend to be pure, which makes them a better choice for many people. ‘Other over-the-counter products can have a ton of ingredients in them — they not only contain the active moisturizing products, but they also have preservatives.’ That’s often the case with water-based products. These, along with products that contain alcohol and fragrances can cause irritation or an allergic reaction, or dry out your skin.

      At Nonie of Beverly Hills, we like to call all of our products, “healthy food for the skin.” All natural, cruelty-free products for over thirty years, never animal tested and all plant-based… Isn’t your skin worth it? Try the best all natural, dry skin moisturizers – Nonie of Beverly Hills. Or call us today at 323-467-1300.

      Looking for the Light

      Looking for the Light

      At Nonie of Beverly Hills, many of us are in the midst of celebrating and observing the Jewish Holiday season. Yom Kippur has just passed and we are about to celebrate The Festival of Sukkot. I felt it quite fitting in light of the juxtaposition of the two – the solemnity of Yom Kippur which is the holiest time of the year and is a time of atonement, followed by the joyous celebration and feast of Sukkot. It made me ponder on the fact that there is always light to accompany darkness if we look for it. Sometimes it is harder to find but today, I am writing to remind our many followers and clients, our loyal customers, all of you, any of you who might be struggling to trust and know in your hearts that after darkness there is always light.

      Prayers to Clients and Friends Worldwide

      We have so many clients across the nation and the world and we can’t speak to each of you individually but to those who have been affected by the storms in Texas, the devastation in Puerto Rico, and now many who have been dealing with an unimaginable tragedy facing our neighbors in Vegas – we stand with you. We are blessed, our families and staff – all of us, blessed. But so many struggle now at this time of darkness. Please know that the Nonie of Beverly Hills Family is praying for all of you and we send our love, hope and light to the people of Texas, Puerto Rico and now Las Vegas.

      We have always believed in hope, positivity, and service. It’s why we work in the community to give back. It’s why each day we carve a little niche out for women to feel better and have healthier skin. But today our aim is to reflect on all that has happened and say, we have not forgotten you, our neighbors in Las Vegas. We have not forgotten you, our Texas and Puerto Rico friends. We are praying for you and as we continue to do our little part of service in little corner of the world, we leave you with the words a great man who endured great suffering.

      Our human compassion binds us the one to the other – not in pity or patronizingly, but as human beings who have learnt how to turn our common suffering into hope for the future.

      Nelson Mandela

      Thank you for continuing to support Nonie of Beverly Hills and as we all find a place of compassion and we seek to find the light in the darkness, give thanks the day, for the hour, even for the second. It is never promised and in the gratitude, my friends, the light will find its way through the storm.

      For more on Nonie of Beverly Hills, contact us 323-467-1300.