Who We Are

Nonie of Beverly Hills™ offers a line of skincare products called AHA! for all skin types that are made from Alpha Hydroxy Acids and all-natural ingredients. They range from cleansing products, moisturizers for the face and body, sunscreens and shave cream.

Our AHA! Products are developed naturally and formulated from a blend of the finest quality natural ingredients, plant oils, organic juices and plant protein. Grapefruit seed extract is AHA!’s only preservative.

In addition, AHA! products contain no detergent, animal derivatives or by-products, mineral oil, alcohol, perfume, parabens or petro chemicals.

Products such as AHA! continue to pave the way for healthy and effective skincare options in the anti-aging category. Virtually all other skincare products on the market contain dangerous chemicals, which the body absorbs when used.


pic_nonieMany years ago in the kitchens of Hungary and Austria formulations of plant oils, fruit juices, and other organic ingredients were used to soothe, heal and renew the skin. Passed down through the centuries, Nonie has taken this natural concept to the 21st Century. Starting in her kitchen, Nonie made products for her own skin care. But once the word got out of what she used to look so young and ‘fresh’, she knew she couldn’t keep it to herself. Friends, family and anyone hearing about this wonderful skin treatment had to have it!

Nonie’s laboratory opened January 1994, and the popularity of Nonie’s products grew rapidly. Many Whole Foods Markets and other retail locations known for high quality natural products called on Nonie’s skin care line.


“Our skin care is made carefully and lovingly.”
~ Nonie Fagatt

Nonie started the company when she was 66 and did so as she realized her old Hungarian skin care formula was better than anything she was offered in the stores.

• We believe in Healthy Food for the skin!

• We incorporate real fruit acids – AHAs - into our product, as these exfoliate and stimulate new cell growth. The skin is kept acidic and healthy, using no animal products, parabens, petro-chemicals, or perfumes, etc.

• Grapefruit seed extract is added to keep the product fresh.

• We are a boutique company making a hand made cream in 20 kilo batches.