Happy Canadian Customer

“I started using your products, especially the 10% moisturizer, in 2006, after coming across it during a search for a 100% natural product without parabens, etc. but with an AHA component. I have never looked back, I am completely thrilled with it. My skin looks and feels great. I left a job in 2006 that I returned to very recently, and three of my co-workers who were still there kept telling me that I looked younger than I used in 2006! They could not get over it as more than 7 years had passed and kept asking what I had done (I told them :-)). That’s when I knew that my feelings about your products were not just subjective. THANK YOU – and please keep up your great work!”

Thank you, M, from Canada — and we will keep up the great work!


Edible Facial Sarita Coren

Nonie Looking Good-Best Priced Natural Summer Skincare



What is SPF?

SPF is literally the Sun Protection Factor. This tells you how long you can stay in the sun. For example an SPF of 30 would allow you to stay in the sun 30 times longer than if you would have no protection.

The sun is a source of Vitamin D which is great for the skin in tiny amounts, that we usually get in our daily activities, other than that it is essential to stay protected from the sun’s harmful rays.


It is important to find a product that not only protects the skin from the sun but nourishes it at the same time.

Nonie of Beverly Hills has the perfect range that does exactly that. Protects from the sun’s damages and nourishes the skin at the same time with the all important Alpha Hydroxy Acid nutrients.

All our products are available from nonieofbeverlyhills.com.

Customer Uses Nonie Alpha Hydroxy Acids – Receives Compliment from 30-Something

It’s because of your responses to my concerns and the fact that AHA is a terrific product that I will remain a loyal customer. A personal anecdote: In January, after concluding a transaction with a 30-something real estate banker, out of the blue, she asked me what I use on my face because my skin is “absolutely lovely.” Of course, I was flattered, but of course I told her about Nonie. I’ll be 70 in the Spring! Thank goodness for Nonie.

Bonnie S.

Nonie AHA! Alpha Hydroxy Acids – Sale Ends Tonight, Feb 10, 2014!

Have you been wondering what the big buzz is about Alpha Hydroxy Acids? Not sure what type to use, or which products to try?

Our Alpha Hydroxy Acids are from bilberry, maple & sugar cane, orange & lemon oils — all products you can eat!

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Happy Valentine’s Day from Nonie AHA!