Customer Uses Nonie Alpha Hydroxy Acids – Receives Compliment from 30-Something

It’s because of your responses to my concerns and the fact that AHA is a terrific product that I will remain a loyal customer. A personal anecdote: In January, after concluding a transaction with a 30-something real estate banker, out of the blue, she asked me what I use on my face because my skin is “absolutely lovely.” Of course, I was flattered, but of course I told her about Nonie. I’ll be 70 in the Spring! Thank goodness for Nonie.

Bonnie S.

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Happy Valentine’s Day from Nonie AHA!

New Customer Impressed With Nonie Alpha Hydroxy Acids Products

I have to tell you that you have got a new customer for life.  I always had perfect skin until I had children…crazy huh, even when I was a teenager.  After children I have been battling adult acne and discoloration of my skin in certain areas.  I have tried all sorts of things and normally ended up super frustrated and my husband complaining about the amount of money I have spent on these concoctions.  I have been using your product since you sent it to me and I have to say the discoloration for the most part is gone and my skin has cleared up.  I am about at the point where I do not have to wear foundation to hide the redness.  My perfect skin that I always got compliments on is returning!!!!  I so appreciate you for sending this to me and trust me I am showing it to my friends who work in spas ect in my area.

 Again thanks so much!!

Anne N.

You Can Do This -Or Simply Buy from Nonie.

Don’t put yourself through the above painstaking method rather buy the products from Nonie of Beverly Hills.

Nonie Alpha Hydroxy Acids Used by Customer with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) & Ichthyosis

Your AHA products are the absolute best skin care I have used since 1996.  My husband and I came across them in Boulder, Colorado during a business trip.  Amazed to see it was from Beverly Hills, CA where I had lived since 1968 – worked in Beverly Hills, LA and the Santa Monica area – but I had not come across them there.  I had used a lot of other products that were good . . . it just seems AHA is best suited for people like me who need pure products.  I had MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) and Candida diagnosed in 1994, but I have no allergic reaction.  I’ve used Skin Tonic, Skin Cleanser and Body Lotion.  I tried the Body Lotion on our son’s skin condition “Ichthyosis” and you could see right in front of you how the skin was healing.  Thank you so much once more for such a wonderful product.

And we say – thank you, Rachel L., for taking the time to mail us your heartfelt, hand-written letter!

So . . . have you had an AHA! moment today?  Try Nonie of Beverly Hills AHA! All Natural Skincare containing Alpha Hydroxy Acids.  Healthy food for your skin!